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Family Fun in Field

We are an Independent, Local, Family owned pharmacy that wants to help you, because that's what neighbors do.

Gooding Pharmacy delivers an unsurpassed level of care, attention, and services to the whole community we serve. From the start, our main priority is you, our patient. We continuously work towards providing the best customer service you desire and deserve.


Gooding Pharmacy is the only locally family-owned, community pharmacy situated in Gooding, Idaho. By serving our customers fairly and diligently, we were able to create a positive reputation in the pharmacy industry. Our unique business model allows us to catch and fulfill each of your expectations and at the same time accomplish our customer-centered goals.


We treat each day as an opportunity to excel and serve you better. Our continuous innovation, outstanding customer service approach, and sincere dedication makes us the pharmacy that you can always depend on. Whatever your status, age, gender, health condition, race, and language, we warmly welcome you to our pharmacy.

We are proud to have kind-hearted, professional and well-trained pharmacists and staff members. By working with you individually, our pharmacists will develop the most suitable service plan you need. Rest assured that your health is always our pharmacists’ top priority.

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